Close examination of the Betway Kenya app

betway kenya mobile app

There is a very simple fact that if not considered when launching a company, it is condemned to fail: having a mobile application makes the difference between a brand that fails and a brand that thrives.

This can not be more true in the extremely competitive bookmaker market. There are several companies of this kind disputing the market share in almost every country on Earth. One of the main contenders is Betway, which according to its users, has the best mobile application for gambling in sports and enjoying online casino games, offering the same good odds and possibilities encountered in the desktop webpage.

This article will examine how much truth there is to that affirmation. However, before going deep into these claims and features, the process for downloading and installing the Betway mobile program in both Android and iOS will be discussed.

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Which Android devices can execute the Betway APK?

To avoid any confusion, it is essential to clarify that the Betway apk, or any other apk file for that matter, is the installer for a specific Android application. It can be considered as the direct equivalent to the .exe files found in Windows.

Having said that, this section of the present article contains a step by step guide for explaining the Betway app download process in detail for said operating system. In case someone is wondering why a guide is needed considering that obtaining software from Google Play is so simple, then it must be said that the answer is equally simple: it is not possible to grab the Betway apk from Google Play.

The reasons for that are not really relevant for the scope of this article. However it can be said that despite this fact, it is still extremely easy to download and install the Betway app in Android tablets and mobile phones, and the best of all is that joining the bookmaker and obtaining the program is completely free. The steps that need to be executed are listed below:

  1. Open a web browser in the gadget where it is intended to install the Betway apk
  2. Visit the webpage of Betway, and scroll to the very bottom until the downloads section is found
  3. Tap over the desired Betway mobile app in order to begin the download of the installer
  4. Execute said installer and follow the steps displayed on screen

Ideally this would be the end of the Betway app download and installation process. However, a further consideration needs to be taken. By default the great majority of Android devices forbid the installation of software grabbed outside of official sources.

However, this is something very easy to fix. For doing that the user must go to the security configuration of the phone or tablet, find the “unknown sources” checkbox (which most likely will be unchecked) and check it. After this is done, the installation will continue automatically.

To answer the question that names this section, it is important to clarify that it doesn’t really matter which brand a certain smartphone or tablet is in order to determine whether it is capable of running the Betway app. What really matters is that it complies with the system requirements.

They dictate that at least Android 4.1 works in said gadget, its screen must be no smaller than 320×480, and must have enough storage space to allow the installation of the application. This should only take a few tens of megabytes after the software is fully operational.

It is hoped that the aforementioned steps where clear enough and they were able to answer the how to install question for the readers of this article in their process of installing the Betway mobile app in their phones and tablets.

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How to setup the Betway app download in devices operating under iOS?

In this case no step by step guide is needed, as there is only one very simple step that needs to be taken in order to Betway app download in devices with iOS: the user must simply go to the AppStore, search for “Betway” and install the software in the exact same way as he or she would do with any other application.

Speaking about system requirements, at least iOS 7.0 is required for the Betway app to work properly. In practical terms, this means that it is necessary to have an iPhone 5 or more recent. Regarding the iPad, it has been reported that any version of it will execute this software in a proper manner.

It is always a good idea to remember that it is necessary to have enough storage space as well in the iOS device where it is intended to download and install the Betway official software.

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Why is necessary to have the Betway mobile app when the mobile webpage can be accessed at any time?

That’s actually a good question that needs to be answered in parts. At first, Betway has full control over the development of the application, this means that how it works depends solely on them.

In contrast, when dealing with a mobile website, even if it has been developed perfectly, there is always a small chance that some external factors, such as the performance of the device where it is being used, or which web browser is utilized for such task, can compromise the overall experience.

An example of this happens when the internet connection is lost or becomes weaker when using a mobile website. In this type of situations there is a high probability that the webpage being visited at that moment will stop working and displaying. This is particularly inconvenient when using the mobile version of the webpage of any bookmaker, as the progress of any bet or play that is being done at that moment will most likely be lost.

If the same happens when using the Betway mobile app, it will remain open and await for the connection to be reestablished. When that happens, there is a high probability that the game or wager will continue in a normal manner. This is the main reason why it is always recommended to download the Betway Kenya app and use it over the mobile website whenever possible.

However, on the mobile website’s favor, there is the fact that it doesn’t require an additional download other than the internet browser where it is being used. Considering that many users are struggling with the available storage space of their device, this can be especially convenient.

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When the Betway app for Windows mobile devices will be released?

The most likely answer is never because this system doesn’t have enough market share to justify and recoup the costs involved in the development of a dedicated Betway Kenya app. However, users of Windows Phone and any operating system other than Android and iOS can make full use of the mobile website of Betway.

In conclusion, the fact that Betway offers to its customers not one but two extremely reliable and functional ways to access their mobile platform, those being the Betway mobile app and the mobile website, is another reason why this sportsbook has been so successful and has been able to quickly rise from being a local betting agency to a worldwide encompassing online betting site and casino.

Both mobile platforms allow Betway users to make use of every single feature, service, live wager, pre match bet or game currently being offered in the main desktop website. This explains why actually nowadays more people access the Betway mobile platforms than the desktop webpage.Get a sign up bonus

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