How to use Betway bonus? Are they simple to understand?

betway kenya bonus

Betway has risen very quickly from being a minor sports betting agency in Russia to one of the largest online bookmakers all over the world. The company only needed a few years to undergo this extremely radical transformation.

But of course, this expansion did not happen for no reason. Actually there are many factors that help to understand why Betway experienced such growth in the first place. One of them is the increase in the number of sports market being covered by the company. It jumped from offering only football bets to the current 30+ disciplines currently available.

Another factor is the opening of their online casino, which helped to attract an important amount of people who enjoy participating in this kind of games all over the internet. As would happen in a physical casino, there are lots of bonuses being offered to its customers, and following the same way, this bookmaker offers some promotions such as the Betway jackpot bonus, which will have its own section in this article.

The jackpot helps to introduce the main topic that this article will examine, which are the Betway bonuses and promotions. They come in all forms and sizes, they target new and existing players, and can be used in every section available in the bookmaker providing all kind of benefits.

Get a sign up bonus

How strict or lenient are the Betway bonus terms and conditions?

Nobody should be surprised when learning that all Betway bonuses come with terms and conditions that all players must read and understand. When putting this aspect in the bigger context of all the bookmaker market, it is possible to establish some comparisons between different companies, and from there conclude which sportsbook is more strict and which others are more lenient when analyzing the regulations of these promos.

As an example, the Betway Kenya bonus for new members provides a maximum amount of US$100 to spend only in their sports betting area. This by itself may be considered quite strict and restricting. However, this perception changes when looking at the smaller details. The moment when cash withdrawals can be made may also be regulated. When using some bonuses it could be possible to withdraw at any moment, while others require to spend all the amount before doing so.

When going deeper into these Betway bonus terms and conditions, it is possible to see that despite being limited to sports gambles, they are quite relaxed in their other points. For example, it is required to spend this amount only in bets with odds of 1.40 or higher. This is a very relaxed requirement, considering that other sportsbook can ask in certain cases to use similar bonuses in odds of 2.00 or even more, which of course means that the customer takes a much larger risk of losing all their first deposit plus the bonus amount provided.

When continuing to examine how to use Betway bonus, most of them have an expiring date, which, as their name suggest, fix a maximum time of validity for these promotions. Once again going to the Betway Kenya bonus for new members, it must be used within 30 days after its obtention. Nobody should complain about this timeframe, because it is extremely rare that someone will sign up only to perform their first activities after one month.

In general, users must always take a look at the terms of use of the different Betway free bet opportunities and bonuses. Considering that many of them are currently on offer, it is impossible to summarize all their conditions in a single article.

Get a sign up bonus

How to obtain the Betway Kenya bonus for new clients?

The Betway free bet opportunity for new members can be considered to be more attractive than others offered by competing bookmakers. In order to obtain and enjoy this benefit, it is necessary to perform a few very simple actions. All of them are listed below:

  1. Go to Betway and create an account
  2. Provide all the requested information
  3. Tick the checkbox which states that it is desired to obtain the Betway free bet bonus for new members
  4. Confirm the creation of the account by opening the link sent to the email address used when signing up
  5. Make a deposit for US$10 or a higher amount

As can be seen from these steps, there are two main actions that are related completely to the obtention of the sign up bonus, this is to check the proper checkbox when signing up, and also performing the deposit mentioned in step 5.

The welcome Betway bonuses work like this, after performing said deposit, the user will receive an additional amount equivalent to the totality added during this instance. In other words, the amount originally deposited is duplicated.

In order to understand this more clearly, the following example will be made. If a new player signs up at Betway and deposits an amount of US$12, the sign up offer will provide another US$12. After this, the user will notice that his or her cash balance indicates US$24.

The terms and conditions that regulate how to use Betway bonus for new members were described in the previous section. If comparisons are made between this bonus and the ones provided by other bookmakers, it is easy to notice that the one given by Betway is among the most generous.

Get a sign up bonus

What is the Betway free bet club?

Betway has been creating some loyalty instances in order to ensure that their members will remain with them and will not be lured by their fierce competitors. One of said instances is the Betway free bet club, which offers to player that wagers US$25 or more during a given week, will automatically qualify to receive a reward of US$10 to use exclusively for further pre match and live bets. There are no special requirements, no further actions that need to be taken and no restrictions. As soon as this bet requirement is met, the bonus amount will be automatically awarded.

Another instance was rolled out recently which is called Betway plus. This is a program that requires a monthly fee for subscribing. It provides benefits consisting mostly on better odds during certain bets or more generous Betway bonuses.

Get a sign up bonus

How the Betway jackpot improves the experience in the casino?

The Betway jackpot bonus is the most desired among all Betway promotions and bonus codes after the aforementioned welcome bonus. Players who make a certain amount of consecutive plays in some games of the casino are eligible to obtain this spectacular promotion.

It has several ways of working. For example, when a player using one of the many hundreds of forms of entertainment is playing his or her chances to get a very substantial reward, this Betway jackpot Kenya bonus can kick in and start working. In this case, a pop up window will appear offering the chance to try some further plays, with a potential reward many times higher compared to what was originally in dispute.

There are many lucky players who have won thousands of dollars thanks to the Betway jackpot Kenya, and this is why it has become one of the most beloved and desired among all the promotions of this website.

To summarize, the different Betway bonuses have been designed in a way that most of the players feel that there is one that is perfectly for them. This has been done by carefully adjusting which sports or games they can be used on, and how much they reward. This has helped Betway to enjoy a huge amount of success in all the world.Get a sign up bonus

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